Roland’s Birth Story


Warning: There are some details in here that may be a bit too much for some people! :) Read at your own risk.

This first part I wrote while in labor around 4:30 AM on November 14.

Woke up to a contraction at 12:01 AM and just had a feeling that this one was different. I have been having so many contractions in the past month that I have been used to them waking me up. This one was more intense. I knew I had a few earlier while I was asleep that had sort of made me wake up, but not keep me up. I had just drifted back to sleep. I noticed that I needed to pee and that it felt like there was wetness down there. Went to bathroom and sure enough – bloody show! I’ve never been so excited to see blood. It was light pinkish tinged mucus…lots of mucus. Took around 8 wipes to get it all off and I had to change underwear and pants. I woke up my husband and told him I thought this was it. I was FREEZING and shaking, mostly from excitement I think. Ryan made me a cup of hot tea and we turned up the heat (we keep it so low at night that was a big part of why I was cold). We sat and watched TV for an hour while timing the contractions. They were between 30-60 seconds long and 5-10 minutes apart. Whenever I would get up and walk around or move they would become more irregular but closer together, not farther apart. I went #2 and around 1:30 decided to go back to bed. I think I slept on and off from about 2:00 to 4:30 but it felt like a light sleep in part because of the contractions but also because of the excitement. at 4:30 I had to go #2 again, so did that….each time I peed in between there was still lots of clear mucus coming out too. I was hungry at this point, so got up and made an egg sandwich. Decided to go ahead and let work know that I would not be in since the contractions were still coming about 30-45 seconds and around 5-7 minutes apart. Got some work emails out to finalize going on maternity leave. Texted our doula around 5:30 to let her know it’s not an emergency but that I’m pretty sure I’m in early labor. Now heading to take a shower and then see what happens from here.

Continued…1 Week Post-Partum!

It was true labor….finally! After taking a shower, I continued to feel more contractions. Ryan woke up around 6:45 and we continued to time contractions. We talked to Kat around that time and decided to wait a little while longer before having her come over. She planned to eat breakfast and walk her dog and then we would touch base. She suggested calling the midwife which we did and she recommended waiting until contractions were 5 minutes apart or less for 2 hours. They had been around 5 minutes apart for an hour or so at that point but were still fairly irregular in duration so we weren’t sure if they really counted as being 5 minutes apart.

The contractions were still bearable although definitely feeling a bit more intense. We let Ryan’s sister know that we would be bringing Emma over to hang out. I continued to breathe through the contractions while we finished up packing the few things we needed to put in the hospital bag. We touched base with Kat and she planned to arrive around 8:30 to our house.

Around 8:00 we walked down to Rachael’s house to drop off Emma and then walked around the block. At this point, I knew things were getting more intense because I really couldn’t talk through the contractions any more. I had to stop and breathe and focus on them even if there was conversation going on around me. The walk ended up being pretty painful and we had to stop walking a few times on the way back home so that I could focus on the contractions. By the time we got back home, Kat was on her way and things were definitely getting REAL. I told Ryan I was definitely starting to feel a little panicky and that the baby was coming soon and we needed to get to the hospital. I was feeling a lot of pressure low down and thinking that I might be in transition. According to our Bradley book, I was definitely having all of the “transition” symptoms. The contractions were 4-5 minutes apart at this point. Ryan suggested I lay down on the rug in the living room in the relaxation position we learned in Bradley class so I did that while we waited for Kat to arrive. He rubbed my back and helped me through some contractions. Kat got to our house around 9:00 and after we talked about how I was feeling for a few minutes, she decided it was probably time to go to the hospital.

So into the car we went! We gathered all of the bags (well, Kat and Ryan did). I don’t exactly remember most of that. I tried to eat a granola bar knowing I wouldn’t get to eat for a long time, but it tasted horribly dry and I could barely get one bite down. I had a contraction right before i got into the car and Kat did some counterpressure technique on my hips. It was great because when each contraction started I would tell her and she would say “deep breath in: okay now breathing out, breathe in peace, breathing down the baby.” She would say that until she could tell the contraction was ending and it helped me have something to focus on in relation to my breathing.

I kept thinking that the contractions were going to get a lot more painful so it would be best to treat them like they weren’t as bad as they seemed.

I felt myself going more inward with each contraction as they became more intense. With each one, the whole outside world started to get fuzzy and if anyone was talking to me, I completely ignored them. It wasn’t that I wanted to ignore them, my brain just couldn’t focus on anything else in addition to the contraction. I just could not get comfortable in the car at all. Each contraction felt terrible to be in the sitting position for, especially going over the bumps in the road (a very bumpy road too! Baltimore roads are awful!). I tried to lift myself up off of the seat for each contraction.

When we got to the hospital, I was so happy to see a spot right near the front of the parking garage. I felt like I could walk in to the hospital, and I figured i would be doing a lot of walking to help dilate things and move things along, so I decided that I might as well walk in. Once we got inside, it looked like I might have to take two flights of stairs to get up to the birthing floor. Those stairs looked like the tallest mountain ever at that moment! Luckily, we spotted the elevator and were able to take that. I was so relieved.

Once on the 3rd floor, we walked to triage where they said only one person could come with me. I decided to bring Kat since Ryan had been working hard already for hours coaching me along. I also figured she might be able to help me through anything scary a little better since she has done this so many times! And it was a bit scary. First, they had me pee in a cup. Well, someone should really tell you that your pee doesn’t look like pee at all. It was basically a cup of blood. It took forever to try to pee. I think I read that your uterus and the baby block the bladder making it really hard for urine to leave the body late in labor. I had a contraction in the bathroom and Kat came in to talk me through it and also I needed some reassurance about all of the blood in the urine cup. She was able to help me back out to the exam table where they checked me. I didn’t really pay much attention to them checking me because they were asking me random questions and I was having contractions. All of a sudden, the midwife came up to my shoulder and said, “You are 9 cm dilated.” BEST WORDS EVER! I was so excited I started crying and high fived the nurse and Kat. I felt energetically renewed by those words because I knew the baby was coming soon and I could start pushing! They asked me if I wanted a wheelchair to go to the delivery room and I said I would walk. I had already walked this far and might as well keep on walking. Besides, sitting down was so painful it did not sound like a good idea at all.


From here, it gets a little bit fuzzy. I know I had to lay down on the bed and I think they checked the baby’s vitals and that’s when they put the hep-lock in, as a precaution in case i needed an IV for some reason. After a little while, my water broke. It was much less exciting than I imagined it would be. I just noticed water dripping down my legs and the nurses told me it was my water. From there, it was time to push!


I got into the hospital bed and they brought me a bar to go across the bed to hold onto for pushing. Ryan was at one leg and Rachael was at the other leg. With each contraction the doula would talk me through it and the nurses would also be there talking me through it. They brought a mirror and asked if I wanted to use it. I was unsure but the doula highly encouraged it. I was afraid to look at first because I have seen the You Tube videos of birth and I didn’t like the way it looked! But I looked, and it was actually super helpful because I could tell when I was doing a good push vs. one that didn’t help the baby come down further. I could see his head and with each push could see it coming out a little further and a little further. Each contraction also brought on terrible leg cramps that were such a weird distraction from an already painful experience. I was surprised that leg cramps even bothered me with everything else going on, but they definitely did!


At one point, the doula and the nurses asked if I wanted to feel my baby’s head. WOW! I felt his head with my hand and started to cry. This baby was really happening and was almost here. It surprisingly didn’t gross me out at all that I could see all of this. All of a sudden, I gave one last push and the head was out and what a huge relief it was. His head was out for a good minute (it felt like) before I pushed again just a little and the midwife delivered his shoulders and the rest slipped out. He was born with his hand up by his face.

Then came the clean up part. I didn’t pay any attention because they had just placed my wet, screaming, beautiful baby on me. He was so amazing. I couldn’t believe he had been inside of my body for 9 months. What a journey.

I delivered the placenta with no problem. It didn’t really feel like much, just a squishy something coming out. Then, the midwife said I was bleeding a little bit more than they would like so they put me on a pitocin drip to stop the bleeding. All of this didn’t concern me at all. I was super cold though and trembling, maybe from the adrenaline and hormones. The nurses brought me a warmed up blanket (those things are awesome!) and got me warm again. We ended up hanging out with baby Roland in the delivery room for several hours before they moved me to the mother/baby unit. It’s all kind of a blur already which is crazy because it was only 4 weeks ago!

Roland was born at 12:59 PM on Friday, November 14, 2014. He weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20.8 inches long.
Roland b-day finger Roland bday Ryan Morgan Roland bday

39.5 Weeks…


Here we are again, one week later and still going strong. :)

39.5 weeks

I think my belly actually looks higher in this picture than last week, even though I definitely feel like he has dropped quite a bit since then. So, what are Baby Roland’s developments this week?

  • He has probably reached his full length and is now around 7 – 7.5 pounds (based on the estimate of weight we got last week, and they tend to gain about .5 lb per week now until birth)
  • His movements aren’t as forceful because he’s running out of space in there; he is still quite active but just not kicking with quite the force he was before
  • He’s fully baked!

As far as my symptoms go, sleeping is definitely getting more difficult. Thankfully, weekly trips to the chiropractor have seemed to mitigate any severe pains. I have had a lot of braxton hicks contractions continuing, even able to time them for hours at a time some days! But, they never get closer together or very severe, so I know they aren’t the REAL DEAL. Otherwise, my body is still doing a-okay and my mind, while impatient, is doing pretty well too ; )

I’ve been doing some reading about due dates and found some interesting information. I know there are quite a myriad of guesses as to when he will show himself (I think the earliest guess was November 6th and the latest is November 15th that I have heard so far).

So, we’re just playing the waiting game right now. Keeping busy working on a puzzle, cleaning up the house, and just relaxing since I know there will not be a whole lot of that after the little boy gets here!

38.5 Weeks!


We are in the home stretch now! Today I am 38.5 weeks pregnant – 10 days until our due date. It feels like I am a ticking time bomb. Part of me feels like I could be pregnant like this forever and that this is my “new normal” but then I’ll feel something weird – a Braxton Hicks contraction or some new and different sensation – and think that labor could start RIGHT NOW!

I’ve definitely been feeling tired pretty fast these days. I am trying to walk an hour a day to “walk the baby” out, also eating 6 dates per day (check out this study about dates and labor), eating pineapple, and drinking raspberry leaf tea! Those are all natural and gentle ways of preparing the uterus and cervix for the pending labor. Also drinking lots of water and resting!

I’m off tomorrow and very excited to have the time to prepare and rest up. Most everything is checked off the to-do list at this point. I am just focusing on mental/emotional preparation and relaxation now! Still trying to wrap a lot up at work, but I know it will be in good hands when I am gone so whatever doesn’t get done will just have to wait until February when I return! So on the to-do list tomorrow includes a pedicure and a nap, among some other actual chores (getting the car washed, laundry, bills, etc.)

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday and all is well. She felt around and could tell that he is head down and his head is very low in my pelvis. She got a good heartbeat (he’s very active in there!) and was able to guesstimate that he weighs around 6 – 6.5 lbs now, meaning that if he comes on time and continues to gain weight at the average rate, he will be around 7-7.5 lbs when he is born. “A perfect sized baby for the first time Mom” is what she said…She estimated that he will not come early, so even though every twinge makes me think “it’s time!” I’m trying to be patient too.

I listened to a great podcast yesterday and a Mom shared a blog post she had written which truly sums up how I feel right about now in my pregnancy. Here is what she wrote:

“I must admit, I love feeling him with me. I think I’m really going to miss that once he’s out and about. I’ll be in my car, on the couch, or where ever and just have to put a hand or two on my tummy so that I feel him not only from the inside, but the outside as well. There is something very private about this part of pregnancy. It’s so much fun to involve others in the excitement this way, but no one else can feel him the way I do. It is by far my favorite thing about pregnancy. I can’t quite describe the closeness and love I already feel for this little guy whose face I have never seen. It makes me sad to think I only have 5 more weeks with him [make that 10 days!] before I have to share him with the world. I have been so blessed in so many ways with having him, before I’ve even held him. He has been my favorite life experience!”

38.5 Weeks

Weeks 35 & 36


Finally, here are some pictures of the mostly finished nursery! We’ll be putting a diaper pad on the tan dresser…otherwise, I think it’s basically all finished. Of course, Emma loves having her own bed too.

20141021_211716 20141021_211643 20141021_211622

We are now halfway through Week 37, and after this post I am going to try to post more in real time rather than delayed, since things will hopefully be moving along fairly quickly at this point and we’ll have a baby soon!

Week 35 Developments:

  • Roland is 18.5 inches in length and weighs over 5.5 pounds.
  • Baby is growing rounder due to developing fat layers.
  • His reflexes are coordinated & lungs are almost fully developed.

Week 36 Developments

  • Roland is about 19 inches long and around 6 pounds (give or take!)
  • Between now and birth he will gain around an ounce a day – 1/2 pound a week!
  • We confirmed that he is head down via a quick mobile ultrasound…that’s a good sign!
  • The car seat has been installed!
  • Hospital bag is officially packed, snacks and drinks purchased and ready to go!
  • I noticed that when in a room of people who are clapping or other loud noises, he kicks more…pretty cool :)
  • We got a hospital tour where we got to see the birthing rooms along with the post-partum rooms – they are pretty hotel like and cozy. Need to remember to bring some blankets from home for Ryan to be more comfortable on!

That’s it for now – more to come soon!

Weeks 33 & 34


Amazingly enough, week 34 has come and gone! I have been busily purchasing the rest of the diapers we need for the “starter stash.” I ended up buying them off of Ebay and Craigslist and now have 23. That should hopefully be enough to get us started and we can add a few more if we need to down the road. We’ll start off with disposables for the first few weeks, until he hits about 10 pounds (assuming he doesn’t come out weighing 10 lbs!) because I have read that there tend to be a lot of leakages before they are big enough for the diapers.

We had a great and long meeting with our doula…spent almost 2 hours talking with her about the big day. She brought lots of great resources to discuss with us and helped us to figure out how things will probably look on the day of. We will call her when I go into labor and she will be with us at our house until it’s time to go to the hospital. From there, she’ll be in the hospital with us until about 2 hours after I give birth. She will be able to provide me with moral support, different laboring position ideas, massage, aromatherapy, accupressure, etc. She will act as a coach, advocate, and support for Ryan and me throughout the entire process. I am so glad we hired a doula!

As the weeks get closer to the big day, I am actually getting excited (and a little anxious) about the start of labor! I look forward to the experience and joining the ranks of women throughout the ages who have had the same chance to bring new life into the world. I believe it’s going to be the hardest thing I have ever done – both physically and emotionally – and also the most rewarding.

So, here are the latest developments!

Week 33 baby developments:

  • The baby is about 4.4 pounds and 17.5 inches long.
  • He will gain about a 1/2 pound per week until birth
  • His finger and toenails are long enough to reach to the tip of his fingers or beyond and may need trimming as soon as he is born. He may even scratch his face before he’s born!

Week 34 baby developments:

  • The baby weighs about 5.25 pounds.
  • Fat accumulations plumps up the arms and legs this week.
  • Eyes are open when awake and closed when sleeping.

Weeks 28-32


I’m going to skip ahead to Week 32, since I am actually finishing up Week 32 now! Things have been going great – no real discomforts to complain about other than what would be expected at this point: difficulty getting comfortable sleeping, feeling like I am rolling around rather than bending when trying to get out of bed or off the couch, can’t eat much at one sitting without feeling really uncomfortable, belly just feels tight and like it’s not going to stretch anymore! The awesome things that are happening are: feeling the baby kicking all the time, feeling him have the hiccups, Ryan can hear his heart beat if he’s in the right position, getting excited about all the cool things we can do together once he’s here!

Here’s a pic of me at 32 weeks + a few days..sweet Emma dog in the background!

photo 1











I am up 25 pounds so should be on track with the recommended weight gain of 25-35 pounds by the end of the 40 weeks. I am okay with more if that is what my body decides to do. I’ve definitely been struggling with sugar cravings these past few weeks but am getting back on track with a more reasonable diet. I’ve been all about the decaf pumpkin spice coffee or decaf pumpkin spice lattes, chai lattes, and any other sugar filled coffee like beverage. I finally found a good alternative recipe that is paleo friendly: 1 can coconut milk, dash of vanilla extract, and 1 tbs. maple syrup – blend in vitamix. Then transfer that to a different container to use throughout week. Add 1 cup decaf coffee and 2 oz. of coconut milk creamer with dash of pumpkin pie spice and blend in vitamix. DELICIOUS!!

I’ve also been craving chocolate pudding like CRAZY! I ate the Jello cook and serve, and the Kozy Shack chocolate pudding that comes in the tub – with lots of whipped cream. But now, I have discovered a healthier alternative! 1 c. non-fat plain greek yogurt, 2 tbs. raw cacao powder, honey or maple syrup to taste, reddi whip to make a light and fluffy pudding like texture (you could also use homemade heavy whipping cream or probably whipped coconut milk but I haven’t gone that extra step yet!). It’s so good with some raw coconut flakes on top!

Lastly, chocolate avocado pudding and/or smoothies are a good alternative to the chemical filled chocolate pudding I was craving…in fact, I’m making some tonight! 1 avocado, 1 frozen banana, cocoa powder to taste, almond milk to bring to desired consistency, a blob of peanut butter (optional) – makes 2 servings…just blend it all up in the blender! More almond milk = smoothie, less = pudding


This week’s baby developments are:

  • The baby is 17 inches long and weighs about 4 pounds
  • The diameter of the head is almost 4 inches
  • Under the skin the fat layer is getting thicker.
  • The toenails and fingernails are completely formed.


Other milestones this week:

  • Started packing the hospital bag! It’s not finished, but the suitcase is out and the list is next to it, so we’re slowly getting prepared. I also have some baby “going home” outfit options picked out on the bed and just need to confirm Ryan is on board with them before packing them.
  • Interviewed 2 different pediatrician’s offices; chose a pediatrician that we like! She has been in practice for 27 years, is a straight shooter, and we are excited to work with her and the practice.

To-Do’s for the next week or so:

  • Prepare e-mail list to send out birth announcement to
  • Purchase a few more baby things (cloth diapers, a swing)
  • Figure out baby health insurance stuff
  • Take pics of the nursery for the blog!

More updates to come soon!!



Week 26 & 27


Here are a few more photos from last weekend’s baby shower, with the Papa to be in them! I didn’t find these photos until today so wanted to be sure to post them. Thanks Kathy for sending them!














I also want to do the Week 26 and 27 updates, since I am behind and actually now finishing up Week 29!

Week 26 Updates:

  • Baby’s eyes begin to open
  • The feet are 2 inches long!
  • The baby weights about 1.5 – 2 pounds
  • Baby is sucking his thumb now

We started the Bradley Birthing classes. So far, so good! They are preparing us for a medication free labor and delivery. The Bradley method is focused on husband coached childbirth and teaches Ryan how to coach me through labor. We have also hired a doula so that Ryan will feel very supported as well. I am excited about the doula because she will bring lots of good knowledge and experience in regards to pain relieving measures, ways to keep up my energy, etc. I also feel like this way Ryan can rest as needed since Kat (the doula) will be there to support me when he needs a break.

I’m still feeling good overall. I’m definitely noticing that my belly feels tight a lot more and I can’t bend over anymore. When it’s time to get out of the bed, I basically hoist myself with my arms and sort of roll off. This is especially fun considering there are at least 2 and usually 3 bathroom breaks every night :) Night time is when baby Roland seems to be the most active. He’s certainly been kicking a lot and also will kick back out when I poke at my stomach….that’s pretty cool!

Week 27 Updates:

  • Baby weighs about 2 pounds and is around 14.5 inches long
  • He is getting plumper!
  • The baby can now see a flashlight if you shine it on your belly – he can turn his head towards the light

All still going well! My chiropractor is helping to keep me mostly discomfort free. The cartilage is starting to really relax and my pubic bones keep getting misaligned, causing some pain. Luckily, there are adjustments that the chiropractor does to realign things. It’s a strange feeling, to feel like my joints are so loose! I can feel my joints grinding and they just feel like they aren’t right somehow.

On a separate note, Ryan and I discussed what we want to be called by Roland when he can talk. It looks like Ryan is going to go with Papa, which he had already pretty much decided early on. I told him I’m still not sure what I will be called and we can wait and see what Roland comes up with, but Ryan will refer to me as Mom or Momma. I figure Roland will say Muh-Muh-Muh-Muh and eventually come up with a name that works. And he’ll say Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa for Ryan at first, I guess?! My Mom will be called Mimi, Dad is still to be determined but I think we’re leaning towards Grandpa. Ryan’s Mom will be Mom-Mom, and Ryan’s Dad is still to be determined.

More to come! I’ll have pictures of the nursery up soon. Now that we’ve had the baby shower, it’s really coming together beautifully!




Baby Shower Re-Cap!





This Saturday was our baby shower for baby Roland. Ryan’s sister Rachael, our friend Kathy, and Ryan’s Mom, Bert, spearheaded the organization of it, with Rachael taking the lead on what was a beautiful and creative celebration!

Woodland themed decorations and desserts….

IMG_0253IMG_0250baby shower















Mom, Aunt Debbie, and Aunt Lisa were able to fly from North Carolina for the event. Mom made an awesome baby shower game that was enjoyed by all. From 3-year old’s to grown men, many people enjoyed opening up their “diaper” to find out if it was dirty or clean. The dirty diapers won prizes! The cutest part was watching Ryan’s 3-year old cousin’s excitement over winning a plastic wrap dispenser. He hugged it and hauled it around with him for quite some time. 


The gifts were aplenty and Ryan and I are deeply grateful for everyone’s generosity. Our baby is going to be well-dressed, well-read, and very clean! 

I can’t believe there are only 11 weeks left to go until November 17th! 


Weeks 24 & 25


Well, it’s 4:54 AM on August 13th and I’m almost to Week 27 – the big transition to 3rd trimester! I woke up at 4:00 because our neighbor’s car alarm was going off and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. It’s been a busy and fun few weeks. Baby is really developing now! Here’s a picture of the belly at Week 24.


Week 24:

  • The child is now gaining around 3 ounces a week.
  • Baby weighs about 1.3 pounds and is 12 inches long.

Although I realize many people find this unnerving to think about, for me this week was probably one of the most exciting because this is considered the “viability” week. In other words, many babies can survive if born at Week 24 or after! 

Week 25:

  • Baby is around 13.5 inches in length and weighs 1 and half pounds.
  • Bones are becoming solid, hands are now fully developed.
  • The uterus is the size of a soccer ball!
  • The brain is growing rapidly, the brain cells are starting to mature – this is the most important time to eat lots of Omega 3’s….which brings me to our little beach trip we took (ate my weekly share of seafood within 24 hours – so got all my Omega 3’s in for the week!)

Here are a couple of pics from the trip. The week 25 belly (without any covering – yikes!) and Ryan, still looking very shapely after 24 weeks of pre-fatherhood. 











We enjoyed a seafood dinner at a really nice restaurant, which included rockfish, lobster, crab soup, and scallops! The next day I had a crabcake for lunch….so I’ve hit my quota on what’s allowed for seafood this week. It was all amazing and delicious. And it was great to just spend 2 days completely relaxed, walking on the boardwalk at Ocean City, hanging at the beach, and sleeping in a king sized bed. 

We got some napping in at the beach:


Finally, we purchased a little stuffed animal set from Ikea. I think this was our first baby purchase we made together. We also bought a bookshelf from Ikea for the baby’s room. We thought these little foxes fit our woodland themed nursery very nicely! Can’t wait to put the crib together and try out the mobile replacement idea I found on Pinterest. You can see that idea here. I bought yellow, light orange, and dark orange pom poms instead and I already had the bunting that I made years ago. Will post a photo once everything is put together!


Lastly, we had our first birthing class on Sunday night! It was hilarious! There are four other couples besides us in the class. It’s 12 sessions and 2 hours for each session, so we should be very educated by the end of it! The class takes place in the home of a Bradley teacher. The Bradley Method prepares the mom and a coach she has chosen (usually the partner or husband) to have natural childbirth, realizing that you can never truly plan your birth and you don’t really know what will happen until the moment it’s happening! The class even covers nutrition during pregnancy, a whole class just from the partner’s perspective, and caring for a newborn – diapering and breastfeeding, etc. The first class was awkward and funny since all of us ended up on the floor with pillows and our partners having to say funny phrases to us about tension and relaxation! 

23 Week Update


I traveled to San Francisco over the weekend for an event for our alumni. So, I finally got a photo of the bump! To the right is Dean Klag, the head of our School, who turned over the mic to me after one of the alumni in the audience had a question that he thought I should answer! Yikes! I wasn’t prepared but luckily I knew the answer. And in the middle is Barb who I traveled with part of the time. She’s an awesome lady!

The bump is growing quite large now!




Baby Martin seemed okay with traveling. The worst part was the plane ride out and back. It’s just a long time to sit….but we traveled just fine!

Last week I had a visit with my OB and she said everything is on track. My weight and blood pressure are good, baby’s heartbeat is strong. The next appointment I will have to get tested for gestational diabetes which is part of the routine testing that they do now. I basically drink a bottle of super sweet syrupy juice, then wait for an hour, and they test my blood to see if I have either a high risk for or already have gestational diabetes. Hoping that things work out just fine with that!

Here are the updates for Week 23:

  • The baby is now proportioned like a newborn except he’s a thinner version of a newborn baby since his baby fat has not developed much yet.
  • The baby weighs as much as a grapefruit – about 16-20 ounces
  • The baby is around 11 inches long
  • The inner ear has developed and the baby can now tell up from down.
  • The baby can hear us talking…time to start learning those A, B, C’s